The Saboteur (PC, PS3, Xbox)     Studio: Pandemic     Size: Full length/7 gigs     Release: 2009

One of EA’s recent, though unnoticed games by Pandemic studios. Saboteur is a little less polished as it should be considering that its a multi-platform box game. The graphics are at par with any major release, but it has some bugs on PC. I am unsure about how it performs on the consoles though. This game doesn’t even work with a large pertion of video cards used right now. Steam won’t touch this game…

The game is one HUGE innuendo. Whenever you bump into a female pedestrian, she always says something odd like “you can bump me any time.” Oh and did I mention the boobs? yea, boobs. Lots of them. Your strong hold is in a cabaret… Yeah, There is no better main character than a sauced, bitter, over-sexed Irish bloke. Ok, so back to the boobs…. You can toggle the nudity on and off and whenever you do, the Irish bloke says something funny. The toplessnes is gratuitous, and it would be hot if the models looked human but alas, they don’t jiggle, bounce, or titillate the senses (pun intended).

The action is good (the fighting action), the physics are good (I like how occupied districts are gray and free districts are colored), the story is fine but lacking like most open map games, but the driving force is the dialogue. I laughed soooo much. And how can you not with conversations like:

Her: “I don’t like German food”

Him: “In time you will learn to love the taste of a German Bratwurst”

He is immediately decked by the hero and a fight ensues.




Price: $40 digital, $60 boxed

Demo: None


Fucked-O-Meter:     |*****_____|     5/10

Final Verdict: If you need a GTA style game with even MORE sex, set in France, with bad accents, than this is your game; but otherwise, this is a good game to skip if you don’t have $40-60 to drop.

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I am a graphic designer with about 3 years of experience. Being in this industry, I cant help but be involved with video games. And as such, i found that it was hard to find out what games are messed up. So this is to help people play find the games that they want to play =3 View all posts by Soulkreig

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