The Void

The Void (PC)     Studio: Ice-Pick Lodge     Full (Download Only): 6 gigs     Release: Q4 2009


Bet that got your attention

Welcome to the void: the space between life and death. where the only thing you need to survive is… Color? Yes, color. This game is a roller-coater of beautiful graphics and psychological mind-benders. The game is littered with bizarre ideas and concepts that will keep your fingers busy… scratching your head that is.

first off let me say that I like this game. I truly respect indie developers. This is a stunning example if Indie… or maybe more of a perfect stereotype: pushing the envelope but failing at it. I played through maybe the third level of this game and for the life of me, I had no idea what I was doing. You may be asking yourself “what spurred you on through this nonsensical-nes?” Well it can be summed up in 2 words. Graphic nudity. Boobs everywhere. the first person you meet gets nekkid before the second level begins! Unfortunately (or fortunately if you swing that way) the same goes for your character… who is a man. PENIS! It kinda freaked me out at first because it was completely unexpected.

Anyway, I would have kept playing this game to the end, but I lost on the third level. Normally that isn’t a big deal in a game… but for this one, it was enough to make me jump ship. I can attribute the progress I did achieve to one thing. Blind luck. I would call The Void a puzzle game but I don’t think it was intended to be one. I just think the ‘color life support’ system that the developers tried to incorporate was so horribly convoluted that it was what doomed the game. I’m serious. It’s that bad. Its like this. Pretend you have a horrible disease. Your doctor (Dr Manhattan)  tells you what you need to do to stay alive and leaves you with a couple of bottles of medicine and a crazy looking lab machine. You then have to mix your own medicine with UNLABELED bottles and take the medicine in the right doses… Oh wait I forgot to say that the doctor speaks polish and you don’t. The game is in English but they might as well pantomime the instructions to you.

If you REALLY need some digital tits, this is a pretty good game for it, provided you can learn how to play it… but if you are willing to do that, you might as well learn quantum physics. It would benefit you more and aggravate you less.

Look at them purdee graphics

Told you there were boobs

Price: $10 on Steam

Demo: none

Site: No game site OR developer site, but here is the Steam page

Fucked-o-Meter: |******____|     6/10

Final Verdict: The Void is sure to turn heads if you play it where people can see. Its beautiful, and boob-filled, but it isn’t worth the learning curve.

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