Fight Night Champion sucks

Ok so I tested the Fight Night Champion demo on the PSN the other day. I saw a game with punching that was rated M and thought “now, there is potential here.” Alas when I played it, the ONLY thing that was M about this game was the music selection. It was all rap with course language. I mean, the combat was for pussies. I didn’t see any blood, no teeth, no ear-biting. On top of all that, the controls were stale, unresponsive, and all around shitty. Now, to be fair, I have never liked boxing games. This one is particularly bad though, because it pretends to be M. This game is a pretender. boycott its pretendy-nes! It would have been T without the audio selection fo-sho. Hurp-a-durp

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I am a graphic designer with about 3 years of experience. Being in this industry, I cant help but be involved with video games. And as such, i found that it was hard to find out what games are messed up. So this is to help people play find the games that they want to play =3 View all posts by Soulkreig

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