Trapped Dead

Trapped Dead (PC)
Studio: Headup Games
Size: Small/Downloadable (about 700 Mb)
Released: 2011

Its official, zombies DO make everything better!

Trapped Dead is the worlds first tactical RTS zombie survival game. Its like Runescape meets Dead Rising! Trippy….

So, you play as some dude with his buddy driving to college when you run out of gas. You quickly find out that something is airy when people start trying to eat you. That usually a good indicator, eh?  Anyways, this is an RTS, meaning you only control your character a little. You pick where you walk, and who you attack, but for the majority, it doesn’t feel like the player has full control over the character. I don’t want to say anything based on my opinion of this game. Its true, I didn’t enjoy this, but it isnt fair for me to condemn Trapped Dead because Personally I dont like strategy or RTS game. This game is quite innovative though. It looks good, it has attitude, and it has gore. what more can you want? If you like Strategy/RTS game, I sugest you look into this.

"DumbFuck" has allerted the hoard!
Price: $20 (but it isn’t publicly available in the West as far as I know)

Demo: YES!!!

Fucked-0-meter:     [******____]     6/10

Final Verdict: Innovative and original, but not very entertaining and a tad repetitious. You may like it if you like RTS/strategy games, but if you want a shooter… this isn’t it.

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