Team Ninja Wants You To Get Inside Ryu’s Head

Team Ninja has been tight-lipped on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3, that is, up until now! Yosuke Hayashi has indulged the gaming community and divulged several nuggets of information onto us.

Recently, Hayashi divulged some details about the upcoming game that make it sound very… visceral. I am very happy about this.

Hayashi had this to say about character developement:

“We are focusing on Ryu as a dark Japanese hero. There won’t be any new playable characters, but we will focus more deeply on Hyabusa’s life and lifestyle and feelings and thoughts.”

And he had this to say about the new level of violence in the game:

We are trying to take the violent concepts even deeper and make people realize how it feels to actually kill someone and what it is to actually gut someone. It’s very important to us that people realize that violence is not only about blood and gore.”

More visceral gore is not the only promise Hayashi made to us. He said that the game will have an all new game design that will make it more accessible to new and first time players. Hayashi promises that they are not selling out to the mainstream consumer by ditching the difficulty that core gamers love about the franchise. No, instead they are selling out by making it easier while still keeping harder difficulties for the core gamers! Now everyone can play… and beat Ninja Gaiden. Hayashi also promised multiplayer and versions of the game for both the 360 and PS3 that will launch simultaneously.

Additionally, there are unconfirmed rumors that there will be a Move/Kinect controlled Katana. We can only hope.

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