Metacritic Founder Says Journalists Should Review Shittier Games

Everyone checks out Metacritic, or Gamestats when looking for a general consensus on a game, but have you ever noticed how unprofessional, and down right rude some of the reviews are for games that score below a 6?

Metacritics founder Marc Doyle had this to say about the current state of what games our industry reviews:

“Below-average games are not being reviewed as often as they once were and, partly as a result, critics have not honed their skills at assigning scores from the lower end of their grading scales.”

I agree with this completely, a lot of reviews now a days look like they were written by a troll unless the game is a next to perfect AAA product. Take ‘The Fight: Lights Out’ for instance; I fucking LOVE this game, it features 1:1 perfectly tracked punches, and it’s a great way to keep in shape, while having fun…now check out what reviewers have to say about it. Brutal hey? If ya wanna see brutal criticism check out this link of a scum bags review of the Conduit 2 which may not be the greatest FPS in the world, but it’s definitely a solid attempt at a polished FPS on the Wii, that doesn’t deserve all of that bullshit by any stretch.

“The question of exactly how bad a game has to be to merit a 1 score instead of 2 on the 10 point scale, for example, is not being contemplated with as much experience, care and precision as the 8 versus 9 consideration.”

Wise words Marc, we here at FUG give ya the FU salute (the good one, not the one we reserve for Activision, and Facebook shovelware gaming)

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