Limbo Review

The artistic masterpiece Limbo has made it’s way over to the Ps3. I threw down $15 on this experience, and I’m gonna help you decide whether it’s worth the coin.

Limbo is a couple different things: it’s a simplistic 2D side scroller, it’s a puzzler, shock thriller, and it’s art. You may have heard a lot of hype, and critical acclaim over Limbo, and I assure you it’s mostly justified, but the game isn’t without it’s issues as well.Let’s get the shit outta the way shall we? First of all the game is quite short (about 4 hours, collecting all the eggs will extend the play time longer) and it has virtually no story, or music; these last two aspects are debate-ably not too bad.

As far as being short, you can’t really salvage that complaint too much, it ends, and it ends abruptly, some customers have been feeling ripped off over that fact. But I couldn’t help but be left with a certain sense of awe, at the conclusion of Limbo.

The lack of story, or music is a completely deliberate vice, it sets up the creepy, eerie mood of Limbo to make you feel alone, and immersed in the dangerous environment. Honestly the mood, and art is what you’ll hear people praise the most, and that’s for good reason, the game is beautiful, and could be called the  “anti-Flower” when it comes to the emotions it’ll evoke in you.

The gameplay in Limbo is a combination of basic side scrolling through creepy, challenging settings, combined with fiendish puzzles. The general side scrolling is a ton of fun, and will challenge you to think practically to continue further.Now I’m a guy who hates puzzles in games, they usually just piss me off, and make me quit. Luckily Limbo is generally different where most of the puzzles you’ll be able to come to a logical conclusion on your own, and feel accomplished by solving them. There were a couple times where I had to do some googling, but luckily the game has been mass adopted enough that I could search anything I was stuck on, and find a forum post helping me out in seconds, instead of having to search through a walkthrough fax.


*********_ 9/10

Limbo is a dark twisted platformer. You’ll see the main character die in gruesome rag-doll ways, that have a surprising amount of suffering depicted in some cases. This is a game meant to get to you emotionally, and  make you feel unsafe.

Overall Score: 8/10

Overall Limbo is a brilliant, clever, atmospheric platformer that shouldn’t be missed. $15 is a little steep for how much content you get, but if you’re not willing to wait for a price drop, and want to play something genuinely different, and provocative right now, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by purchasing Limbo.

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