Psp Games Will Support Dual Analog On Vita

Good news for those hoping to kick it quasi-old school when they pick up their Vita’s next year (or this holiday if you’re Japanese) Psp games will support dual analog sticks when played on the Vita!

Of course the game has to be downloadable as the Vita doesn’t support the large noisy ridiculous genius UMD format. Sony says they’re thinking about some sort of program to appease UMD owners, so they can get downloadable versions of those games; but I don’t see that panning out.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida had this:

“In addition, because PS Vita has a much larger, nicer-looking screen, and the existence of dual analog sticks, we will provide from a system level that some games benefit using the right analog stick. Like FPS or third-person action-adventure games. We will provide options to remap the control from either face buttons or the action buttons to right analog stick. So the control would be much better on PS Vita.”

Good stuff right there, though when I get around to picking up a Vita I doubt I’ll be touching many Psp games on it with Vita’s army of games that’ve been announced.

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