Dead Nation Road Of Devastation Review

It’s finally time for Dead Nation’s first DLC pack (Road Of Devastation) to be properly reviewed by someone you can can’t trust. Hit the break to find out whether Road Of Devastation is worth the $3.99 asking price.

Alright I’m going to cut to the chase here; Dead Nation Road Of Devastation is hard, and extremely time consuming. Dead Nation is generally known as a hard game, but this DLC sorta pushes it too far. See I have a platinum on Dead Nation, which means I beat the game not only on hard mode, but the difficulty above that, and I honestly didn’t find it too difficult with the exception of the final airport cluster fuck at the end.

But the main difference between toughing it out through the regular campaign, and Road Of Devastation is that you have 0 continues in Road Of Devastation, you can’t save, and it encourages running towards your death.

First let’s tackle 0 continues, this will really screw you over, and make you feel cheated. My first playthrough a experiment pod fell through the sky, killed me in one hit (I had high health) ditto for the second playthrough, the third one I played online, which made it much more difficult because I was carrying another player (and Dead Nation ramps up the difficulty when you’re playing co-op) additionally the other player took all the gold, died, and left me there against a pumped up 2 player crowd; nice. I held my own until a cutter ran out from the darkness, and killed me while my attention was drawn to a crowd. The fourth and final play through where I made it to stage 5 (and earned a trophy, yay me) I was doing great, I figured I’d easily be able to finish the round, sure my health was a little low, but I had plenty of inventory, and I’m great with crowd management; unfortunately a jumper came out of fucking nowhere, and killed me.Ah ‘big mouth’ I fear we’ll never meet. Your younger sibling pissed me off to no god damn end, but at least he was a fair opponent.

No saving is a bitch because this will take up a LARGE chunk of your time, I looked at the highest score for Road Of Devastation on Dead Nations leaderboards, some dude from Germany, and it took him 4 and a half hours! That means no turning off his console, who the hell has that kinda time, especially when death is an unlucky situation away.

So what in the world do I mean when I say the game encourages you to run to your death? Well despite Road Of Devastation being such a 1 chance, make it count sorta deal, you’re judged by kills per minute, and at the end of the stage you’re rewarded for this. Unfortunately this mechanic doesn’t rub well with…everything I’ve been bitching about thus far. The rewards at the end are in a way very necessary, because none of the roads give you a whole lot of cash unless you’re on the money road, and you have the potential to earn some decent coin at the end of a round if you’re mass murdering fast enough.

So far you’re reading this thinking “well this is terrible” and admittedly Road Of Devastation does a lot of things wrong; but in reality I would recommend it to any fellow ‘hardcore’ Dead Nation survivor, as the gameplay is still extremely fun, the RPG like path decision is very tactical, and forces you to put serious consideration into your options.

If you’re great at Dead Nation, hungry for more, and feel you have the time to devote to what could suddenly become a lost cause, then I think you’d enjoy Road Of Devastation. But if you’re the gamer who beat Dead Nation on Normal, and put down the game after that, I’m guessing you’d enjoy yourself more simply by replaying the game on “Grim”

All in all I don’t regret buying Road Of Devastation, it was $3.99 which actually still feels like a great deal considering the amount of content you get, and the extremely high replayability depending on your tolerance level. What bugs me most is how much potential Road Of Devastation has, if check points,¬† or saving was offered, than for me Road Of Devastation would accompany Dead Nation with a perfect score, but as it stands now I’m giving it an 8/10, which only applies if you’re already excellent at Dead Nation, otherwise casuals, or the undevoted can consider this a 5/10.

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