PAYDAY: The Heist Reputation System

Wolf, Chains, Dallas, Hoxton

PAYDAY: The Heist has an XP system similar to any other online shooter, but PAYDAY’s XP system (otherwise known as ‘Reputation’) puts less emphasis on killing everything in sight, and focuses more on completing objectives, and working as a competent team.  Head past the break for our detailed run down on reputation in PAYDAY.

So does this mean you can’t get reputation points from killing people? Absolutely not, you always have a goal to work towards, the game has several challenges like “Kill X amount of enemies with this gun” and achieving these challenges rewards you with massive Reputation points.

So what else can you do to get Reputation points? You can:

  • Complete in game objectives (start drill, plant C4, etc)
  • Tie down civilians as hostages
  • Steal money/valuables
  • Win positive titles at the end of the heist (highest body count, best accuracy, etc)
  • Take out all the security cameras
  • Revive your teammates
  • Trade hostages for teammates
  • Place ammo, or med bags for your crew.
  • As mentioned above complete challenges, there’s a list of highly varied challenges in the game, many are easy once you actually attempt to accomplish them, the game also shows you what challenges you’re close to achieving in the character load-out.

The center of the reputation system is money, that’s why pulling off these heists will reward you with massive reputation points, and why playing harder levels, or previous levels on higher difficulties nets you more cash, and thus higher reputation.

Alright so why do we seek this shitty low-life reputation? The upgrade, and class system is where all of this effort cashes in. There’s 3 classes in PAYDAY: The Heist: Assault, Sharp Shooter, and Support. Each time you gain a higher reputation (which happens very often) you gain an upgrade.

Upgrades come in various forms from damage increases, to new weapons, and anything that can upgrade your weapon, character, and general operation. Once you choose a class (which you can do by holding down select at the load-out screen immediately before deploying to a heist, or anywhere once in the game) all of your reputation level increases will go towards evolving you in that category.

There’s 144 total upgrades, and thus a 144 reputation level cap. Work towards a class, be the best team player you can be, form a diverse group of bank robbers; and fortune, and infamy is within your reach.

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