inFAMOUS Festival Of Blood Review

Cole: “Zeke, I… I got bitten by a vampire.” Zeke: “Really? Do you look more handsome than normal? Do Teenage girls suddenly find you irresistible?”

Take inFAMOUS 2, crush its ripe body into a can until it’s a smaller serving oozing with blood, and you’ve basically got yourself inFAMOUS 2 Festival Of Blood.

Even if you don’t own inFAMOUS 2, you can still buy inFAMOUS Festival Of Blood so keep reading to find out if you should buy Festival Of Blood at the enticing $10 price tag.


The gameplay in inFAMOUS Festival Of Blood plays very similar to inFAMOUS 2 with the exception of a couple of power trades, you’ve still got your: bolt’s, electric grenades, rockets, and shock wave, but now you get the benefit of soaring in a cloud of bats, vampire vision, and you can stake vampires with your new makeshift broken piece of wood.

Your skills will upgrade through various means like: staking vampires, killing hidden first borns, playing user generated levels, killing packs of vampires you find on the streets, and several other mostly easily attainable feats.

Vampire vision is great because you can find hidden ‘First borns’ and stake them while they’re in hidden human form, I can’t express how satisfying it is to throw a stake threw a human, only to have her die while transforming into a badass vampire demon all at the same time. You can also stake regular humans, this makes it so you don’t know who’s a regular person or vampire without vampire vision, plus staking humans is always good for shits, and giggles.

In order to use your flying swarm ability you’re going to have to drink human blood, this also fully heals you, it’s a very quick cinematic encounter, that’ll have you thirsty for more. Once you use the flying bat/swarm ability you’ll wonder how you got on without it, as you can not only fly wherever (you’re on an upgradable blood meter so the fly-time is limited) you can also fly into, and stake other vampires one hit killing them.

The game also support Playstation Move functionality, which adds a cross hair to the screen at all times. It works very well, and is perfectly accurate, but unless you play inFAMOUS Festival Of blood mostly like a third person shooter (using bolts to take down everyone) you probably wont need the extra accuracy. I played with a Dualshock 3 simply for convenience, and not wishing to disassemble my Sharp Shooter rifle.



inFAMOUS 2 was a beautiful game, one of the best looking games of the year, it took several cinematic cues from Uncharted 2, and inFAMOUS Festival of Blood takes that core look, and gives it a bloody Halloween makeover, complete with new cinematic gameplay animations. You’d be surprised how great it looks to see Cole grab a fleeing citizen, throw them down, and suck their blood, or throw his stake threw a hidden First Born.

The enemies in inFAMOUS Festival Of Blood look like very traditional vampires, white skin, fangs, and then there’s the ‘First Borns’ these guys look incredibly badass, like giant muscular bats.Overall the game looks excellent. inFAMOUS 2 was already one of the best looking boxed titles this year, so to have that AAA visual quality in a $10 downloadable game is a real treat.



The game only last 3-4 hours if you’re playing strictly story missions, but luckily the game has a lot more to offer than that with user generated levels, and tons of collectibles, and trophies to unlock. The quality, and gameplay is that of a full AAA retail game, but in more of a bite sized form.

If this were a retail game I would bash it for it’s length, but at $10 it falls in line with most other downloadable game lengths, while surpassing many of them with the potential for infinite re-playability due to user generated levels. All the collectibles, and other challenges to complete are great if you’re looking to spend more time with the game.



The story in inFAMOUS Festival Of Blood is told by Zeke to a Woman he’s trying to woo at a bar, whether he’s full of shit, or recalling true events is somewhat open to interpretation.Basically Cole has until sunrise to kill ‘Bloody Mary’ the vampire that turned him, or else he’ll be a vampire forever, and under her control.

The story is told similar to inFAMOUS 2 with a combination of cutscenes, and a few motion comics, but you also have Zeke narrating which was quite a nice touch.

Speaking of nice additions ‘Bloody Mary’ can talk to you at any time, she taunts you, while complimenting how amazing you are, giving ‘Bloody Mary’ whom you know you’ll have to defeat a omnipresence throughout the game was a great story telling device, that was both intimidating, and alluring, and harkens back to inFAMOUS 1 where one of the bosses Sasha would talk to you in a similar seductive manner.



******____ 6/10
You can kill innocent civilians, stake vampires, and civillians, and drain unwitting humans of their blood. You’re also trying to stop the vampires from burning all humans in the city alive. The game carries a dark vibe, but doesn’t feature much in the way of gore.


inFAMOUS Festival Of Blood is a well paced bite sized AAA game that you can download for $10. For those of you like myself who have a lot on your plate, you’ll enjoy the relatively short (but satisfying) story, but if you want more, there’s the potential for an infinite amount of gameplay due to user generated content. The dark Halloween angle is very appropriate, and should be fun to screw around with, among friends.

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