Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Adult Costume Review

I was extremely excited to purchase this clearly beautiful looking Sub-Zero costume, what I ended up getting is currently being salvaged by my own wits.

The jumpsuit actually looks great, it’s a cheap thin material that wrinkles easily, but it looks mostly like the picture above except it doesn’t cover your arms, and you don’t see this; but your back is totally plain black, as the blue tab-bard doesn’t go farther than the shoulders.

The ‘molded armor pieces’ are mostly a joke, they’re made of a cheap thin piece of Styrofoam, and they’re overly large. See that nice belt piece in the picture above? In reality that’s actually a awkwardly fitting large piece of molded Styrofoam that covers your lower stomach, and upper thighs in an off feeling way. The molded armor on the arms is overly huge, I’m a muscular guy, and I could get the upper armor piece to fit well, but the lower one although looking like it would fit wouldn’t because the straps all fit to one size, so the armor piece moved around like a gigantic lower arm bracelet. Also the lower molded armor piece doesn’t have the blue cloth design featured in the picture, and one of the straps broke the first time I put on one of the leg pieces (which actually fit me very well.) Oh, and forget about squatting or in general grabbing anything off the floor with these armor pieces on unless you want to bend the “armor”

The mask, boy was this not what I was expecting. You know those cheap masks you can print off the internet, where you attach them to your head with a string going around the back of your head? Imagine that just made of rubber. It doesn’t form around your head, or face at all, and only the front of your face is covered by this thing in an ugly “LOOK AT WHAT I STRAPPED TO MY FACE” Sorta way.

At $50 this costume is complete bullshit, and borders on false advertising due to the model clearly wearing a very different costume that only looks similar in colors, and basic looks.


I’m currently working on salvaging this costume, pictures may be posted depending on how it looks. I ended up sewing the mask to the front of a ski-mask/balaclava to turn it into an actual mask (still fits sorta like shit due to being overly large) I’m going to forego probably all of the arm armor (while possibly using a piece as shoulder armor) and I’m going to do a frozen ice make-up effect on my arms, and add an iced over blue scar to my right eye.

If you’re willing to do all of this work, the costume actually looks great (from what I’ve seen so far) otherwise you look like an adult wearing a costume only a toddler would be stupid enough to wear.

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