Father Of Video Games Thinks We’re Too Violent

Ralph Baer the inventor of the original video game is opposed to how violent the gaming industry has become. Ralph Baer sat down with the Salt Lake Tribune, and while speaking of the violent nature of video games Baer commented:

“I think it’s a disgrace. What I created got abominated. You can see the same thing in music, literature, art – any form of art.

Unfortunately for Ralph Baer the world has changed; The Flinestones isn’t funny anymore, and we like our games with  violence, drugs, and titties intact.

Although it’s nice he commented  on how all art has gone this way (and it has) the comment helps illustrate sharper insight into his thought process, which is namely just him being a demented old man. Ok maybe not demented, but he does come across as one of those senior conservatives who think the world has gone way down the gutter (which is good cause even the  gutter is a filthy whore now a days who likes it deep)

Of course Ralph Baer is very happy about how amazingly successful the gaming industry has become, but remember that’s in large part due to violence. Could you honestly imagine this current generation of consoles without M rated games? Say Goodbye to: 99% of military shooters, Master Chief, Kratos, The Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, and the majority of critically acclaimed (non-nintendo) gaming franchises.

So while Ralph Baer is saying “Get off my lawn you darn kids” remember, he may have laid the seeds for the grass, but we turned that lawn into a fucking tropical gory green house for the whole world to enjoy.

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