Ps3 Users Unable To Link Saints Row/THQ Account To PSN ID?

I have good news, and bad news. The good news is you can strip a character down to nothing in Saints Row 3′s character creation, the bad news is they’re censored.

There seems to be a widespread issue where Ps3 users aren’t able to link their Playstation Network account to their Saints Row The Third/THQ account in order to access their created characters, stats, and more online.

With Saints Row 3 releasing earlier this week the issue is quite the screw up on THQ’s end, lotsa negative comments are to be expected, especially considering how hefty the character creation is; consumers could potentially log hours into this thing to get a character looking a certain crazy, or crazy specific way (and of course there’s conceited individuals like myself who’re trying to make the character look as similar to themselves as possible…it’s apparently against the law or something to murder people with dildo bats in real life, looks like Saints Row 3′s gonna be the closest I can get to that immoral slice of true euphoria for now)

The issue is the “Link” button beside the Ps3 doesn’t do anything. Moderator V-Singular is trying to blame Sony’s Playstation Network browser login, but Sony’s shit is working perfectly, the issue lies entirely on Saints Row 3′s site, the Ps3′s link button specifically, as all the other link buttons (Xbox 360(XBL)/Steam) are working fine. Here’s V-Singulars response:

“If you’re running into this issue, please follow these steps.

1. Please go to and attempt to log into your account. If that works, come back to the Linked Accounts page.

2. If you click the “Link Account” button, and nothing pops up, either clear out your tracking cookies/cache, and rturn off any pop-up blockers, or use a different browser. Firefox and Chrome are recommended, IE is not.”

While striding through the long (mostly ignored) post on Saints Row 3′s forums I’ve seen a couple of these things working for some folks (using Google Chrome, signing in/out of the site) but regardless it still appears to be affecting a large amount of users, and appears to be a html error.

I’ll let ya know when this is fixed.

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2 responses to “Ps3 Users Unable To Link Saints Row/THQ Account To PSN ID?

  • Aaron WIlson

    I am unable To Link Saints Row/THQ Account To PSN ID on my end and I opened pop ups on the saintsrow site

    • Exovedate

      It’s stupid that the mod includes “enable pop ups” because if you click “link” on the other platforms (360, Steam) you’ll notice that it’s not actually a popup, it’s a javascript in page window.

      Try Google chrome, that’s the most successful solution I’ve heard so far. I would of tried chrome myself, but keeps deleting my accounts, that’s another issue I need to post about.

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