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Hall Of Play – See Yourself In The Michael Ad

Only Kevin Butler would advertise his presence on Facebook, and rip on it at the same time.

The Famous “Michael” Long Live Play ad has been considered a celebration of gamers, however some people have expressed a disconnect when the video game characters specifically call out “Michael” and some others are even asking “Who’s Michael?!” (idiots)

Now you can see yourself in the Long Live Play Michael Ad, the characters even call out your name! Check it out here on the Hall Of Play Playstation Facebook App

(Also hit that first link for the Long Live Play Michael ad+ list of the video game characters in the “Michael” commercial.)

Battlefield 3 Beta: 99 Glitchy Problems

Oh Jay-Z, a bitch isn’t you’re problem because Women tend to avoid people they think will rob them.

I’m sure many of you have seen the ’99 Problems’ Battlefield 3 trailer, it was all over TV, but  if you haven’t seen it (possibly due to going full on pirate, and downloading all the shows you watch off the internet) let me fill you in: Jay-Z made a song where he sings about having 99 problems and “a bitch aint one” EA licensed that song for their Battlefield 3 TV trailer, it’s simple stuff but I’ve called in a rocket scientist to make a diagram of it, diagrams are wonderful.

In this above video that song is playing, but instead of heart stopping regular Battlefield 3 footage, it’s showing a compilation of glitches from the Battlefield 3 beta. They go over most of the best ones like the ‘Human Slug‘ (click the link to see a real life human slug video, it’s horrifying) but they seemed to miss my favorite glitch; the one where a tank explodes into a fiery rocket of DEATH.

Oh and if you’re still scoffing at the racist text beneath the Youtube video Continue reading

Dare to Fight?! You Vs The Ninjas

When a large black crowd runs at you, you’ll be relieved the moment you realize they’re just ninjas.

I feel this video would be better if upon picking up the Styrofoam sword, the crowd of ninjas started beating the shit out of the challenger with wooden or preferably metal swords, it’d be highly illegal, but sometimes you need to break boundaries when it comes to comedy.

Also you might be asking “why the hell is this writer being a racist pig again??”

  1. Because I find it funny, and everywhere else is too politically correct to make these sort of jokes. I encourage anyone to head to the comments section to call me a racist white hick who can’t dance, because I in fact cannot dance, and I’m about as white as this websites background. It’s a back, and forth balance people, I call you thieves, you call me a monopolist white pig who’s ruining the economy, and raping the words resources.
  2. The fact that this is a second jab at black people is a coincidence, I believe we should bash all races equally if it’s good for a laugh.
  3. I wasn’t technically racist (by my standards) in the post above, click “read more” on that article to see what I’m talking about.
  4. Any excuse to make numbered lists; they may appear intellectual, or information oriented, but they’re really just an excuse for me to spew out more bullshit.

Duck Hunt Meets Modern Warfare

Those ducks are fucked….

Come to think of it, the pistol used to play Duck Hunt was pretty tiny, you would figure the game would at least give you a rifle for targets that far away, but of course retro games are notoriously difficult, and unforgiving compared to today’s player guided take on video games.

Luckily Call Of Duty shows that you don’t need actual skill to own at Duck Hunt, you just need a shit load of automatic weapons, and turrets. Check out the video for this hilarious modern take on a classic, and speaking of which, if you haven’t already seen ‘The Hunt‘ the horror movie short film adaptation of ‘Duck Hunt’ check it out at the link.

Dead Rats Turned Into Pikachu

Animal cruelty at its finest

ChimPom are a group that’s been capturing ‘Super Rats’ in Tokyo, taxidermy-ing, painting them, and inserting wires in their tales to create little horrific Zombified rat Pikachu figures.

Why are the rats super? Aside from hopefully having the power to shoot lighting from their cheeks, they’re mostly immune to rat poison. Tokyo has been overflowing with them, so you can kinda consider this public service, sorta like how Jigsaw from Saw totally helps people.

As we’ve discussed before the Japanese are fucking weird, but they’re also weird for Pokemon; consider this an undead manifestation of that concept. Also head past the break if you want to see a picture showing them capturing the super rats on the streets with pokeballs nets. Continue reading

Cruise Around London In a Tank With Battlefield 3

“What better way to get to work than in a tank?” That statement+body make her the sexiest female alive.

This is unbelievably cool, what other game company do you know of that has rented tanks, and cruised them around major urban centers just to promote a game? EA’s Tom Goldberger had this to say in regards to the event:

“Tanksis have been brought to the Capital to make the urban battlefield that is London’s roads more of a joy than the daily chore they currently are,”

EA didn’t charge anyone to ride in the Tanksi, and sure Tanksi doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but it really doesn’t need to, cause it’s a motherfucking tank.

Saints Row 3 Character Creation

Whether you want to be a shot gun slinging stud, or a rocket launching bunny rabbit; Saints Row The Third has gotcha covered.

Saints Row 3 looks to have a very hefty character creation mode called “Initiation Station” and even if you don’t care about Saints Row 3, you’ve gotta check out the video above; nothing wakes you up in the morning like hot bimbos, in a cheesey hilarious commercial for a game that prides itself on being idiotic fun.

If you’re interested in creating a character, and entering the Initiation Station so your player is pimped out before the game even releases check out the info after the break, got details on the Initation Station beta (and how to get in) as well as when you can check out the Initiation Station when it goes public before ‘Saints Row The Third’s November 15th release on the Ps3, and Xbox 360. Continue reading

Watch G4′s Mario Kart Inspired ‘Kart Driver’ Now

If Miyamoto was on shrooms when he invented Mario, then Drew Daywalt was hitting Salvia when he pioneered Kart Driver.

This is just plain fucked up, *looks at website banner*….obviously that’s not a bad thing, but in any case expect a major shift in style from the dark, subtle qualities found in Duck Hunt inspired ‘The Hunt‘ because Kart Driver is totally off the walls insane. It’s as if someone threw mushroom kingdom, a guy who tries to explain a bad joke, the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series, a rapist, and a whole lot of hard drugs in a blender, and served it to an elementary school.

…So in other words watch this. There’s a Youtube video of it above, or you can check it out in HD on G4 here.

Ezio’s In Soulcalibur V

Penny Arcade demonstrating the key difference between fighters, and Assassins.

Normally I wouldn’t really care that Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the Assassin’s Creed games is in Soul Calibur 5, but when I saw Penny Arcades comic above I figured even if you’re not interested in the trailer of Ezio in Soulcalibur below, you can still have a laugh, and move on.

But if you are interested in this news, you’ll be very happy with Ezio’s debut trailer, he looks excellent, and all his finesse from Assassins Creed translates beautifully into Soulcalibur. Plus Assassins Creed is a much more appropriate cross-over than say…..Star Wars.

Continue reading to see Ezio in Soul Calibur V Continue reading

Japanese Pissing Game!

Toirettsu is a host of urinal mini-games being created by Sega Toys.

As you can see from the video above the Japanese have beat us in the rapid arms race to bring urinal games to market, this is a sad day for North America, mark this date on your calendar.

But it’s a good day for Japan, as these look incredibly awesome in a completely immature “I can out piss you” sorta way, after all nothing’s worth doing if you can’t turn it into a competition against other people, and that my friends is what video games are nearly all about.


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