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Mortal Kombat Legacy Getting Blu-Ray Treatment

You know how Mortal Kombat Legacy is well….free? It doesn’t have to be! If you really want to spend money on it, it’s coming to Blu-Ray.

It’s $20 comes with all nine episodes, plus a bunch of bonus content, like behind the scenes, franchise mythos, crap like that. It’ll be available November 8th.

It actually doesn’t sound like a bad deal for someone who doesn’t already have the know-how to get the series on their TV in HD. Speaking of which, now that the series is over I should really…watch it, I sorta drifted out after a couple episodes. Somehow 10 minutes of decent-but not great MK reimaginings each week couldn’t keep my interest.

If you’re interested in getting the whole MK Legacy series on your TV check out the “acquiring the video” section and onward of my article about getting 3D content onto your TV.

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Scorpion and Sub-Zero

It’s Wednesday and that means a new Legacy episode! This one is not the best but it has at least two parts and the action is just starting. Next week there should be more action and death and i’m really looking forward to it.

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 6 Raiden

Another episode is here and damn is this one good. This one is my favorite so far it has a lot of the elements that was previewed in Mortal Kombat Rebirth. This one also has swears and no more bleeping it out. There are 3 more episodes to go and look out for them in the coming weeks.

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 5

Here is another episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy. This one is a continued episode to episode 4. We will continue to post Legacy on Wednesdays.

Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 4

This one is focusing on Kitana and Mileena. I think I like this one the best so far just because it doesn’t have any guns. This one also has a different type of art style that looks pretty damn cool and was also done in the Mortal Kombat game vignettes. This is also a two part episode and  will be up on Wednesday.

Mortal Kombat Cinematic Trailer

Holy fuck that’s so cool. I’m not sure but I think this might be the beginning of the story mode. The fatality that scorpion performs is actually one of Kano’s fatalities in the game.

Mortal Kombat comes out on Tuesday April 19th for the Ps3 and Xbox 360

Mortal Kombat Legacy Debut Trailer

A new trailer came out today for Mortal Kombat Legacy, and it looks pretty badass. The fighting looks good from what we can see and the costumes look decent.
You can watch the first episode of the web series here tomorrow.

Mortal Kombat Select Screen Leaked

There was a huge leak for Mortal Kombat that reveals all of the characters and hidden ones, Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi. In this leak is also reveals characters Human Smoke and Sheeva. I really like what they did with the Cyber Sub-Zero, I am really excited to play as him.

Mortal Kombat is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 19th


Mortal Kombat T.V Spot

This is a really cool T.V spot for Mortal Kombat and I cant wait to see it on T.V. If your just like me and don’t want to wait download it! At the end it shows part of Jaxs fatality, the full fatality is he pounds you into the ground and kick your head off with a football punt.

Mortal Kombat come out on April 19th for the PS3 and Xbox 360

Raiden Vignette

Mortal Kombat is coming out on April 19th on PS3 and Xbox 360


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