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FU Crystal Ball: Amy

Do you remember Delphine Software’s 1992 title Flashback? If so, you’ll be especially pleased with this news. If not, you should read it anyway, because this is a game that could be worth checking out.

Oh fuck, acne

It’s called Amy, and it’s being made by Paul Cuisset, the man responsible for Flashback and Moto Race. Set in the year 2034 and the fictional Silver City, Amy is about a comet that hits the Earth and causes humans to become enraged, violent monstrosities. As destruction and mutation take over, the protagonist Lana meets a strange, eponymous little girl, Amy.

Lana will have to escape the chaos and protect Amy from infected civilians, monsters and special forces units.

Sounds incredibly promising, but it also has the potential to be a glorified escort mission (as in care-taking, not payed sex you sick minded bastards), and nobody likes those. Either way, Amy is an intriguing little title that’ll hit the PlayStation Network in Q2 2011. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

OTRSPOD: Cheaper than Dirt

Penny Arcade’s “On The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness” is on sale on the PSN (and I would hazard a guess that its on sale on XBL too). You get both Episode 1 &2 for the cheaper-than-dirt price of 3 dollars (USD)! I command thou to go forth and purchase these games!

Penny Arcade, the masterminds behind the 20 year running videogame news/comic website (www.penny-arcade.com) made two videogames recently with the help of Hothead. These games (EP. 1&2) are a fabulous adventure in comedy in the form of a turn-style RPG. You play as… you, but you play along side Tycho and Gabe (private detectives) who specialize in paranormal disturbances. After your home gets crushed by the king of the Fruit Fuckers (yes, this game is rated M) you join forces with the detectives to pay back vengeance against the metal monsters.

At launch, both games were $10 a peace, but due to poor sales, both games are now dirt cheap. For the life of me, I can’t understand why these games aren’t selling well…. I loved both of them!


Dirt= $8

Cheap = $3

Seriously, you have no excuse

Better hurry though. This deal will probably not last longer than a week!


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